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We understand the power of words.  We give your message LIFE, your brand DEPTH, we will take your WORDS and create a precise STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS plan that will BREAKTHROUGH to your audience.


Effective communication is essential to breaking through the noise and clutter so your message can be head.   Engage your audience!


Creative communication fuels the ties that bind in relationships, business and everyday interactions.  Define your message!


Strategically engage your audience to increase your bond.  Be passionate about your message so that it will emotionally connect to your audience.  Define your story.  Tell your story!

Public Relations

Effective public relations are essential to successful businesses. Credible public relations strategies must respect and engage the target audience in two-way communication.

Strategy & Operations

Many organizations are constrained by conventional wisdom. Indigo Consulting Firm offers strategic insight with deep industry experience and rigorous analytics to provide resolution to your pragmatic issues.

Crisis Management

Crisis communication, issues management, and reputation management are critical components of our well-planned campaigns. As a leading communications agency, we have handled some of the industry’s toughest, and highly visible issues.

Internal Communication

Research shows that employees that believe in the company they work for are instrumental to the success as their perspectives extend to others. They become a family of ambassadors for your company.

Social Media

We are breaking new ground in the development of digital and social media strategies and content. Our vast experience in traditional communications and our strong commitment to excellence informs our understanding of digital and social media trends and how they can be appropriately leveraged and executed for our partners.


Our partners are faced with increased pressure to differentiate their products and services. A brand must be distinctive enough to cut through the noise, and consistent enough to grow loyalty. Our expertise in building partnerships and collaborative programs with industry leaders, media professionals, and lawmakers stretch across multiple platforms and markets.

our promise

We have the honor to represent national and multinational client partners across a wide spectrum of business sectors.

We share a great passion for the missions and objectives of our client partners.  We remain committed to them at all times.  Part of our pride comes from the long relationships we have built with our client partners.

We are partners on your project.  Your success is our success.  We will work relentlessly on your behalf.

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