• Client World Gym
      • Services Branding, B2B Collaboration, Social Media, Integrated Marketing Campaign


Rebranding the Iron Image of World Gym

World Gym


World Gym was founded in 1976 by Joe Gold during the height of "Muscle Beach" in California.  Fitness consumers have evolved drastically since then to include seniors, women, and many people looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle vice lifting.

World Gym needed to rebrand itself to be desirable to these target audiences.  They wanted to stay true to their founding principles while widening their consumer base.



Indigo Consulting Firm launched "It's your Fitness" campaign.  A integrated marketing communications plan with a detailed branding component aimed at transforming the image of World Gym into a "Gym for Everyone."

A new logo was created to show a more inclusive atmosphere that was fitness oriented.  The campaign seized upon the emergence of fitness consumers in the area.  We targeted seniors and young professionals with a collaboration of social media and a free lecture series on "Health and Wellness" supported by the local Council on Aging.

Promotional materials (water bottles and work out towels) were given away with free personal training lessons.  The promotional materials were part of a business-to-business effort that highlighted local health stores.

Michael Loiacono

Return on Investment (ROI)

The collaborative efforts with the Council on Aging were recognized by three local papers, including front page coverage.  Our launch time was instrumental in allowing World Gym to dominate media coverage during the New Year fitness rush.

The campaign resulted in a 20% increase of senior clients, and a 42% increase in young professionals. The retention rate has stayed above 80%.

World Gym maintains a monthly fitness lecture series with the Council on Aging.  Quarterly they work together to produce a Health Fair for Seniors that produces incredible name recognition.