• Client Classic 2 Current Fabrication
      • Categories Branding, Website Development, Social Media


E-commerce Redesign



Classic 2 Current Fabrication experienced a slump in sales.  They realized their website was no longer attracting new customers.  Any engagement they tried on social media resulted in minimal reach.

Classic 2 Current Fabrication needed to re-energize their brand and focus on getting customers back to their website.

Michael Loiacono


Indigo Consulting Firm created a comprehensive Integrated Marketing Communications plan, with a heavy emphasis on rebranding.  We realized we needed to re-introduce Classic 2 Current Fabrication to its customers.  They needed to stick out and be recognizable within their industry.

Engagement was at a low.  We utilized Facebook groups to generate engagement between car lovers, restorers and influencers.  Restoration photos would be instrumental in garnering attention and channeling visitors to the website.

The website was difficult for customers to navigate. Load times were slow, and it often crashed.  We determined it needed to be completely redesigned.  We needed to create an enjoyable user experience to drive sales and increase traffic.


Return on Investment (ROI)

We redesigned the logo to become recognizable throughout the auto aftermarket industry.  We utilized the logo on all our promotional materials. We increased Classic 2 Current Fabrication’s visibility by 75% at the SEMA Auto Show by handing out a reusable bag with branding that connected to consumers.

Facebook engagement grew from 500 weekly reach to an average of 55,000 weekly reach with an engagement rate of 17,000.  Every quarter we see an increase in engagement and reach with content that showcases products.

The website was completely redesigned.  We added a Make/Model/Year search feature that allowed users to quickly navigate the 80,000 products available.  Within one year we saw an increase in annual sales by 60%.  The integrated marketing communications plan was instrumental in making Classic 2 Current Fabrication the industry’s premier manufacturer of floor pans and rust repair auto body panels.